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New year’s greetings from the NSS team


The staff of the NSS holding congratulates everyone on the upcoming year 2020! May the New year bring happiness to every home!

Ibragim Abdrashev awarded the order “Kurmet”


On the eve of Independence Day the General manager of NSS Ibragim Akdrashev was awarded the order of the “Kurmet” for merits in the development of the economy, social sphere and active social activities.

General Manager of NSS Ibrahim Akdrashev was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of the Kyzylkoga District”

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The famous Atyrau businessman Ibrahim Akdrashev was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of the Kyzylkoga District”.


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     “NefteStroiService Ltd” LLP (NSS) – was founded in 1997 in the market of construction and oilfield service.

   During fledging years, with small-scale 27 employees  staff, the company offered skilled man power to foreign companies, companies working at the Tengiz field. The quality of several first orders, which  met target date   showed the foreign Companies that working with NSS iis not only profitable, but also reliable. The level of performance of works met all the necessary requirements. The local specialists proved that they are able to perform the works even complex works as good as foreign competitors. 

   At the moment Neftestroiservice Ltd Company is one of the most stable developing oilfield services companies in the Tengiz field with 100% share of Kazakhstan content in the authorized capital. Main facilities of the company are located throughout the Western Kazakhstan, these are the cities of Atyrau, Aksai and Aktau and the Tengiz rotation village. Also, the company’s offices operate in Almaty and Uralsk.

  In Tengiz field NSS renders a wide range of services – from servicing of housing, laundry and catering services to traditional construction work.    Around 5 (five) thousand workers from all over Kazakhstan are working here.  NSS company has 4 industrial bases with a total area of almost 180,000 square meters and more than 15 repair shops.

   Throughout its existence company  has grown has transformed from a small service provider to the largest and most importantly reliable partner for many worldclass companies of international standards. Here we  won the most important assessment of its activities – Confidence.

   ”NSS” company fully accepts the obligation to perform and improve the system of health, safety, environment and quality control system. Our management systems entirely comply with ISO 90001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Company provides regular services to customers throughout the whole project life cycle, enhanced compliance with the obligations of safety, environmental requirements and the terms of cost and supply.

    For more than 20 years of history, “Neftestroiservice Ltd” has implemented many projects, has learned to solve complex tasks to satisfy the needs of consumers and customers. To date, NSS Ltd has grown in scale, increased staff and expanded its portfolio of projects having started its activities among many contract organizations, thereby proving its seriousness, competence and competitive ability.

   All this became possible due to the company’s long-term policy, which is based on the principles:

  • Human protection and environment protection

    • Integrated support of performance quality

    • Responsible attitude to employees

     Aim of company – to perform work without incident and harmful effects on the environment, and also to bring the domestic service and construction market on competitive environment and to new development level.


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